Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join natPIA (National Parent Instructor Association)?

The National Parent Instructor Association ( is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing voices and marketing arms for certificated parent instructors throughout the U.S., Canada and abroad. Getting parenting instructors found and noticed online is one of our leading objectives. We want to help you succeed. Let us do the marketing for you!

Does NatPia allow any certified parent instructor to join as a member?

Yes, regardless of where or who certified you to teach parenting classes, our organization welcomes your membership.

Do I get my own online profile page and unique link on the website?

Yes, all registered members get to create their own customized profile. Your profile can include a picture of you, all of your contact information, and detailed description of your unique background and services.

Will NatPia every sell or provide my information to a 3rd party?

No, we will never sell, distribute or offer any of your contact information to a 3rd party.

Can I cancel my membership to NatPia if I no longer want to maintain my membership?

Yes, you can always cancel your membership and your billing will end at the end of each 30 days billing cycle. Please note that once you cancel your membership, your profile will be deleted from our directory.

Can I have more than one profile on the website?

We allow each individual to have one of their own profiles; however, you can also set up separate profile for your agency.

What's the greatest benefit to joining the Association?

Your listing will go live instantly after its entered. That profile listing will be one of best steps you can take to create more exposure online. Joining NatPia and using the NatPia logo also lends to more credibility for you or your agency.

Is it complicated to join NatPia?

No, not at all. The registration process takes less than 5 minutes. Simply click on one of the blue "Join NatPia Today" buttons and fill out the form. It's fast and easy to compllete.

Is there a community to the organization?

Yes, joining NatPia puts you in a group of people that are serious about parent education. The association will occasionally have conferences and meetings that all members can attend. We also will offer members the opportunity to write articles or share their experiences online on the associations website.

Do I need to have my own website to create a profile on National Association of Parent Instructors website?

No, you do not need to have your own website. Your profile listing on NatPia can be used as your primarily online reference should you so choose to direct clients to that link to review your profile. It is an excellent marketing outlet for you and our provider list is highly visable.

What's Included


  • Just $14.95 a month (or $12.50 month with an annual subscription of $149.95 per year)
  • Get found online!
  • Create a custom online profile
  • Let us do the marketing work for you


  • Unlimited referrals
  • Community
  • Free articles
  • Exclusive membership
  • No website? Not a problem
  • Association provider credibility