Join NATPia

Join NATPia

How does joining natPIA work?

It's pretty simple. Signing up is quick and easy. The registration process is fast and in a matter of minutes you'll start being found by people in your area looking for a qualified parent instructor. You will have a profile that potential clients will view. This will allow them to get to understand you a bit more before they make that first call. Once your listing is approved our website will get indexed by search engines like Google, to help you get found! We do the marketing for you!

Why join natPIA?

Whether you are an agency that provides parenting classes or an individual parenting instructor, everyone needs more clients. We help make that possible.

We Do The Marketing Work For you.

When you join natPIA, the need to create and develop your own website isn't necessary. All your provider information, pictures, and contact information will be featured on our exclusive provider list. We know SEO and how to help our members get found online!

The Premier Source of Referrals for Parent Instructors

There is no other association on the Internet that is dedicated to help you like the National Parent Instructor Association. The small investment joining, will likely pay dividends in the long run. We are quickly becoming the source for finding qualified Parent Instructors.

Credibility and Reliable Information

We require all certified parent instructors to provide a copy of their valid certification. Without evidence of training, providers will not be listed.

What's Included


  • Just $14.95 a month (or $12.50 month with an annual subscription of $149.95 per year)
  • Get found online!
  • Create a custom online profile
  • Let us do the marketing work for you


  • Unlimited referrals
  • Community
  • Free articles
  • Exclusive membership
  • No website? Not a problem
  • Association provider credibility