Johnnie Smith, BCMHC, CDA


This Course Educates parents on the impact their conflict has on their children,
Teaches parents the practical skills they need to manage anger, increase impulse control, resolve conflict and talk to each other without arguing, it also explains children’s issues in divorce.

As a Certified Parenting Instructor and Board Certified Mental Health Coach, I understand that parenting can be a difficult and complex job. Our classes are designed to provide parents with parenting skills and knowledge, particularly in the areas of child development, positive parenting practice, communication and self-awareness.

I will provide you with a safe space to be heard and understood while providing you with specific strategies and new tools to assist with your parenting or co-parenting needs.

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3261 Old Washington Rd
Waldorf, MD 20602


  • Infants (0-2)
  • Toddlers (2-4)
  • Children (5-9)
  • Tweens (10-12)
  • Teens (13-17)


  • Blended Families
  • Co-Parenting Issues
  • Sharing Two Homes
  • Custody Issues
  • Families with CPS cases